Monday, February 17, 2014

wedding Speech

In any wedding along with the exchange of vows, rings and the sway of the wedding couple to the music, another part which is always anticipated is the one with the wedding speeches. Speeches are generally given by people who are close to the new couple, such as the bride's father, the bridegroom, and the best man.

Anyone who wants to say something to the newly married couple is usually welcome to say a few words but there are some people who are expected to speak whether they know what to say or not.

So if you have been chosen to honor and celebrate with the happy couple by giving a speech, you have no need to panic, right. So, taking the time to carefully plan out a few key ideas to mention and then putting the effort ìnto practicing your speech beforehand wìll help to make your wedding speech something the couple wìll be grateful for long ìnto the future.

If you are a bit nervous about giving a wedding speech, funny wedding speeches can take the weight off of your shoulders. Good wedding speeches are often a good mix of funny and serious material with a good dollop of romance thrown in for good measure.

You can simply recall funny stories about how the bride or groom said they would never get married, perhaps you can tell the bride or groom that they must be a really patient person to put up with the other, and other light hearted jokes such as that. However, ìt should always be remembered that the purpose of wedding speeches and toasts ìs to honor and recognize the couple and should focus on them ìn an upbeat and respectful way.

Knowing the bride and groom and then putting their past or even present way of thinking in a funny light is fun and will sort of break the ice for the rest of the reception. Just make sure your jokes will be considered funny by the bride and groom. That's the thing, funny wedding toasts and speeches should not offend anyone, and if in doubt, leave the joke out of your speech.

This will get the attention of everyone, and then you can share something more meaningful or personal like an anecdote, story, some lines from a favorite poem, or anything special to you or the new couple.

Another funny way to do a wedding speech is to get a couple of the members of the wedding party together to read a funny poem that they have written about the couple, or to comically reenact a poignant moment between the newly wedded couple.

The Internet is a great resource for finding funny jokes on just about anything including weddings and there are plenty of them that are clean enough that they will get everyone laughing without offending anyone.

And then finally, end your speech with a warm, sincere congratulations and wishes for the couple's ongoing happiness. Thank the couple for making you part of their day. The heartfelt speeches given by the closest people of the wedding couple are always held in great regards.

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